Tailored workplace initiatives

We offer a boutique, customised approach, underpinned by our capacity and willingness to work alongside the key decision makers (executive staff, managers and HR personnel, etc). As a result, we enjoy a reputation for being flexible in our response, as well as delivering reliably and to a high standard, on a range of workplace assignments.

Our clients come to us because they trust us, our approach and capacity to support them in bespoke assignments, in addition to our routine offerings. A sample of the range of workplace projects we have delivered include:

  • Extensive provision of change support, delivered across Victoria during periods of major restructuring, providing change management workshops for senior staff
  • Provision of workshops, such as guiding managers to develop the skills to manage the change (including strategies for staying sane in the face of change)

  • Extensive number of career development, résumé writing and interview preparation workshops

  • Facilitation and write-up support for the CEO and Executive Team in a two-day strategic retreat for Federal government statuary body

  • Conducting group and individual ‘debriefs’ following stressful change or other events


  • Designing and delivering several bespoke communication workshops, such as ‘Communicating as a Leader’ and ‘Managing Challenging Conversations’, for middle managers

  • Designing and delivering a tailored 3-day emerging leaders program for Firefighter leaders in regional Victoria, now adapted for core offering to middle managers

  • Two-day training program on team building and communication for senior geoscientists using the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) and Conversational Intelligence®

  • Conducting a number of team development and communication workshops using HBDI and/or Values in Action (VIA) Character Strengths as the framework

  • Conducting a series of Understanding Difference workshops using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

  • Conducting Exit Interviews

  • Conducting focus groups of a whole division to evaluate the effectiveness of a pilot Wellbeing program run by wellbeing provider, analysing and summarising themes and providing recommendations to Executive Management.

  • Providing mediation for individuals experiencing communication and working relationship difficulties


Change Management

Workware has significant success in working alongside management to identify and manage the impacts of change on staff, with topics such as: guiding managers to gain skills to manage the process the change with staff; and advising on communication plans and messaging to staff.

CareerStorm Navigator™

Embark on our user-friendly online self-guided career planning tool that prompts you to think concretely and creatively about your situation, your destination, your interest, your skills, your style. And all in your own time at your own place; clarify your thinking and sharpen your decision making.

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Diagnostic Tools                                                  

Deliver valuable and measurable results for individuals, teams, and organisations by leveraging change through the use of carefully selected assessment tools. We offer a variety of career and psychometric assessments which server to enhance awareness and growth in the contects of career conversations, general coaching, leadership development and team building

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Conversational Intelligence ® 

Conversations are the cornerstone to relationships. We’ve gronw up with a narrow view of conversations, often focusing on the exchange of information and giving our opinions. The reality is that conversations are dynamic, interactive and inclusive nad we have the ability to open people up or close them down within 0.07 seconds, even before we’ve opened our mouth!

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