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Many of us work for over a third of our adult life, yet we don’t invest much time in reviewing our career to check if we are doing what we are best at, in a job we love. Planning your career is is all the more important in a workplace that experiences turbulence and unpredictability.



Smart decision-making and good career planning can serve to help you to manage yourself during this turbulence and seize career opportunities that come your way.

You can start by asking yourself these questions:

  • How do I explain my work to date? (understanding the career story)

  • Where I am now? (assess current values, skills, etc.)

  • What drives me? (identify career drivers and purpose)

  • What do I want? (prioritise needs and goals)

  • What holds me back from getting what I want? (barriers to change)

  • How do I get there? (self-marketing & action plans)

Arranging a career conversation with one of our highly trained and experienced career coaches can be a starting point for answering these questions. Invite us to work with you on unblocking the things that hold you back.

People choose to see us for different reasons

We offer a personalised, tailored service for people who want to put their career under the spotlight for a whole lot of different reasons, such as:

  • Exploring ‘outside the square’ career moves, in a flat structure
  • Addressing burnout and job dissatisfaction
  • Rediscovering purpose
  • Making the most of your unrecognised talent
  • Identifying career values, interests and skills
  • Matching skill-sets to the right job

  • Reviewing your job performance as you consider a new position

  • Overcoming career inertia

  • Improving work/life balance

  • Developing and managing relationships and networks that can impact on your career

  • Returning to work after maternity leave or a career break

  • “A project has come to an end and I don’t know what to do next”

  • “I’m stuck in a boring job and don’t know how to get out”

  • “Have been in the same job for many years, but am unable to make a move”

  • “Am dealing with difficult relationships in the workplace, which are impacting on my career”

  • “I need to look at courses that will enhance my career.”

  • “My career is going well and I want to think through next steps”


Career planning, job coaching and other workshops

Our training programs have proven very popular, with outstanding feedback from attendees. The program covers areas such as navigating workplace change, career planning, preparing for job applications and interviews, building self-awareness, enhancing work relationships; as well as training managers to coach when conducting career conversations during appraisals, or when on the job addressing issues as they arise relating to job performance, burnout or job dissatisfaction, or exploring ‘outside the square’ career progression.

Working with organisations

WorkWare encourages organisations to adopt a self-paced career culture, where career development programs encourage staff towards self-managed careers. We develop career programs that support a preventative strategy and a more resilient mindset. This approach contributes to preparing staff internally for structural change as well as being more productive in their work.


Change Management

Workware has significant success in working alongside management to identify and manage the impacts of change on staff, with topics such as: guiding managers to gain skills to manage the process the change with staff; and advising on communication plans and messaging to staff.

CareerStorm Navigator™

Embark on our user-friendly online self-guided career planning tool that prompts you to think concretely and creatively about your situation, your destination, your interest, your skills, your style. And all in your own time at your own place; clarify your thinking and sharpen your decision making.

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Diagnostic Tools                                                  

Deliver valuable and measurable results for individuals, teams, and organisations by leveraging change through the use of carefully selected assessment tools. We offer a variety of career and psychometric assessments which server to enhance awareness and growth in the contects of career conversations, general coaching, leadership development and team building

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Conversational Intelligence ® 

Conversations are the cornerstone to relationships. We’ve grown up with a narrow view of conversations, often focusing on the exchange of information and giving of our opinion. The reality is that conversations are dynamic, interactive and inclusive and we have the ability to open people up or close them down within 0.07 seconds, even before we’ve opened our mouth!

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