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The core of what we do is to provide a space for thinking and conversation through coaching. Our aim is to tune in to your needs and aspirations be it career, workplace or professional development.

In both public and private sectors, organisations, leaders and individual staff call on us to provide coaching for themselves or for their staff. We have strong relationships with government departments and agencies and are successful in regularly being included on coaching panels.

In the workplace, we frequently work alongside middle and senior leaders who are navigating their way through a challenging workplace, for example facing change, a challenging staff member issue, or managing geographically distant work relationships.


The first challenge is knowing what you want to change or develop

Staying true to yourself requires knowing yourself and requires a certain amount of vulnerability. Our coaching style is to be alongside you, to provide a space for you to be heard and to think, to explore ideas, offer observations, ask insightful questions and share information where relevant. In the process, clarity and confidence is built.

The action you take as a result of coaching, can lead to outcomes such as:

  • Discovering your unique personal style in a high performing environment
  • Building a strong narrative that leads to a more confident manner
  • Better reading of and interacting with the political environment
  • Strengthening work relationships up, down and sideways
  • Staying centred in the face of fast paced change and ambiguity
  • Working out what is important in your life going forward
  • Planning the next role and attaining the promotion
How does it work?

Our coaching begins with the premise that we are working towards a defined outcome from the start. Defined outcomes may change as more information emerges. The process includes plenty of room for joint idea creation, an understanding of issues that impede and enhance a person’s functioning, with tools to address them. Practical and measurable outcomes are the goal, with review methods embedded into the process.

Depending on the context, your manager or someone else of your choosing will ideally be included as your sponsor in the process, as part of the initial setting up for success from the start.

For some contexts, an assessment tool may be used to establish a measurable baseline, or to fast track insight. For example a 360° feedback (such as Benchmarks 360 or LSI 1&2), or an individual self-assessment or tool (such as Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, or MSCEIT™ emotional intelligence test, LSI 1, C-IQ® Catalyst tool, or the Trust Catalyst tool.

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What holds you back?

A conversation with openness can identify and reduce obstacles that hold you back from your potential, be it career, leadership effectiveness or productivity.


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Change Management

Workware has significant success in working alongside management to identify and manage the impacts of change on staff, with topics such as: guiding managers to gain skills to manage the process the change with staff; and advising on communication plans and messaging to staff.

CareerStorm Navigator™

Embark on our user-friendly online self-guided career planning tool that prompts you to think concretely and creatively about your situation, your destination, your interests, your skills, your style. And all in your own time at your own place; clarify your thinking and sharpen your decision making.

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Diagnostic Tools                                                  

Deliver valuable and measurable results for individuals, teams, and organisations by leveraging change through the use of carefully selected assessment tools. We offer a variety of career and psychometric assessments which serve to enhance awareness and growth in the contexts of career conversations, leadership or self development, and team building.

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Conversational Intelligence ® 

Conversations are the cornerstone to relationships. We’ve grown up with a narrow view of conversations, often focusing on the exchange of information and giving our opinion. The reality is that conversations are dynamic, interactive and inclusive and we have the ability to open people up or close them down within 0.07 seconds, even before we’ve opened our mouth!

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