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WorkWare is a workplace and career specialist business that focuses on the human side of the organisation.
We are Coaches who focus on career development, career transition (Outplacement) and the people side of the workplace. We partner with leaders committed to the development and support of their staff as well as with individuals who approach us directly. Cheap oem software

What we do


Ready for workplace coaching?  You may be an Executive, or a Team Leader in your organisation. Consider enhancing your performance through a conversation with a coach, where we tune in to your needs and aspirations, providing a space for topics such as increasing levels of self-awareness, emotion regulation, improving conversation, career management, leadership skills and performance. 

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Enhance Careers

Ready for a Career Pulse Check?  Invest in a career conversation and/or our career programs for a career check-up which can put you back on track, redirect your thinking, resurrect your career plans and make you connect with the work you love, leading to improved performance.  


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Outplacement (career transition)

Are you or your staff facing redeployment or redundancy?  WorkWare offers competitive career transition programs where we tailor our support to match your needs.  We achieve consistent results in sensitively assisting you to transition towards your goal  –  a new career, a new position, a leadership role, back into employment or towards retirement.

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Workplace Support

Wanting to build a self-managed career culture?  Taking your team through a restructure?  Managing challenging staff situations?  Staff needing to regroup after a challenging situation? We are highly regarded in relation to working with leaders to co-create a plan to assist individuals or teams to move through a situation; and we have a reputation for providing fearless and open advice.

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Established in 2001, WorkWare Solutions provides career related services and general workplace and executive coaching to countless individuals, groups and organisations; guiding them through career dilemmas, managing difficult transitions, working through innovative solutions; as well as issues relating to managing oneself and others in the workplace.
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