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Inefficient conversations are extremely costly, highly frustrating and a waste of time, yet miscommunication is a common flaw in business, impacting on relationships, and ultimately on the quality of workplace cultures. An MIT research reported that 50% of the difference between low and high performing teams is the quality of communication [HBR 2012, The New Science of Building Great Teams].

Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ) is an elegant framework that incorporates the basics of neuroscience to provide clarity about how we connect, engage, interact with and influence others. What we think, what we say, what we mean, what others hear, and how we feel about it afterwards are the key dimensions behind C-IQ.

The framework provides an accessible way to understand the impact of our own conversational dynamics. For example, do your conversations open people up or close them down; do your words build trust or break down trust; how does the quality of your conversations influence the culture of your environment; and as a leader, do you lead with an I-centric leadership style or a We-centric style?

WorkWare incorporates the C-IQ framework in individual coaching, primarily to build skills in self-management and build trust through conversations. We can provide related workshops and programs to improve communication and build trust in teams, providing a common language and influencing the culture of the team or organisation. Conversational essentials and rituals are taught that can prime the brain for trust, partnership and mutual success. The skills can be applied to self-management during a job interview process, or to engage with fellow team members, and finally to lead more authentically.

The C-IQ framework is supported by a selection of models, tools and experiences from which to draw, which can be tailored to suit the organisational context and business outcome being sought.

There are three optional assessments linked to this model, which can be used for individuals and teams, including 360º feedback. The C-IQ Catalyst Tool (as a ‘quick study’ tool to see the patterns of conversational impact and engagement that we exercise as we interact at work); The Trust Index (for providing insights into how to assess and elevate trust in a team and organization); and The CreatingWe DNA Index (a customisable tool which measures an organisation’s C-IQ and readiness for change through the lenses of culture, relationships and conversations).

Acknowledgement: C-IQ is a culmination of the life work of Judith E. Glaser, CEO of Benchmark Communications, Inc., Chairman of the CreatingWe Institute, and author of many books on the topic. Since 2006, she has been listed as one of the Top 100 Thought Leaders globally on the subject of leadership, and continues to receive global recognition for her pioneering and far reaching work.

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