Our approach to transition 

We identify six stages* of transition that people experience, though not necessarily sequentially. These stages can vary in timing, length and intensity, depending on one’s personal situation and ‘career resilience’. WorkWare provides assistance in the following ways:

  • Managing the changes: Initial listening and support following the change announcement, to  assist the person to process their emotions/responses, using different methods to gain insight.

  • Building self-awareness: Facilitating understanding of self through conversation and selection of relevant online and paper career tools and assessments, to assist the person with thinking inside and outside the square regarding their career future.

  • Job preparation: Increasing knowledge about what is available throughout the world or work; assessing job readiness; job research.

  • Decision-making & planning: Weighing up a person’s talent and interests, with the job opportunities available through networking; reviewing realistic employment options; identifying goals and strategies for getting there; instigating a career plan.


  • Implementing plans: Job preparation assistance, including self-marketing; preparing promotional documents (eg. résumé); applying for positions; and interview support.

  • Working towards the goal: Provision for ongoing coaching to secure the preferred outcome.

WorkWare breaks down these elements into individual modules offering a comprehensive package called CareerMAX which covers transition counselling support, career planning and job search support and information.

Our approach aims to ensure minimal fall-out for the individual, remaining staff and the organisation generally. Experience tells us that managing expectations, whilst empowering individuals to create their own futures, produces the best results for both the organisation and outgoing staff.

Our executive outplacement program

The Executive Career Transition Program differentiates from our regular programs by specifically focusing on executive needs and linking candidates to consultants who demonstrate the refined craft of working with executives who often present more complex career and job needs, such as enhancing their ability to influence in networking and communication, including exploring executive presence and authentic branding. Other areas covered include working with search companies, complex selection processes including assessment, and accessing the hidden job market (eg, approaching companies to craft a new role in the organisation).

Our Executive Program also provides extensive career and psychometric testing as appropriate; Family Transition support if required; access to WorkWare after the program has concluded for ad hoc job search and resume enquiries, as they arise in the future.

Related services

Pre-Announcement Counselling
  • Change management training for staff delivering the message

  • Individual requirements

  • Group briefings


Career Transition Services
  • Individual counselling
  • Change workshops

  • Management workshops

  • Group counselling sessions

  • Career and Job preparation workshops

  • Individual career coaching

  • Individual job preparation coaching including resume and interview support

  • Outplacement programs, usually CareerMAX


Specialist Needs
  • WorkWare off-site rooms
  • Career and other psychometric testing
  • Video/role-play coaching
  • Access to financial planning advice/presentation
  • Course advice and research
  • Workplace mediation and facilitation
  • Job workbook and/or handouts


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